AIFUCTO decided to organise a massive rally in Delhi on 20th September 2013 to oppose the amended UGC regulations-2013 and 27th Statutory Conference at Mangalore

The NEC meeting of AIFUCTO was held in Baroda on 7th July, 2013 at the invitation of BUTA. The meeting was well attended as the affiliates from 18 states joined the meeting. The meeting was presided over by AIFUCTO President Prof.Tarun Patra.The President referred to the problems faced by the teachers due to the pursuance of liberalization, privatization and globalisation. He pointed out the danger of the new pension bill and called upon one and all to oppose it with all might.

The General Secretary referred to the Amended UGC Regulations-2013 published last month and termed it extremely disappointing as the Regulations in the present form will not allow teachers any Caste Caps introduced will make it impossible for teachers. The requirements can not be fulfilled by the teachers as the clauses like guiding research and conducting projects are not practicable for all teachers. The General Secretary has received numerous feedbacks objecting to the Regulations and he observed that other recommendations of the Anomaly Committee have not been considered at all.


A massive Rally opposing the amended UGC Regulations 2013 and supporting the following demands of AIFUCTO will be held on 20th September at 11 am in Delhi at Juntar Mantar.  

Demands of AIFUCTO

1.     To oppose the Amended UGC Regulations 2013

2.     To demand strengthening public funded education

3.     To demand control of private educational institutions

4.     To oppose new pension scheme

5.     To demand democratization of  management of educational institutions

All the affiliates are requested to ensure maximum participation and to bring the banners and festoons in regional languages and English, as the entire program will be videographed for a documentary on AIFUCTO.


The next Statutory Conference will be held in Mangalore and will be hosted by the Association of Mangalore University College Teachers (AMUCT). The members will soon receive the details regarding the dates and other matters.

Prof.A.M Narahari, the veteran leader of Karnataka on behalf of Association of Mangalore University College Teachers cordially invited the affiliates & sought their cooperation. The members present in the meeting assured him of full cooperation. The members can visit the website, regularly for the latest updates regarding the Conference.

Asok Barman

General Secretary


XXVII Statutory Conference of AIFUCTO

The NEC meeting at Baroda has resolved to hold the 27th Statutory Conference of AIFUCTO at Mangalore under the auspices of AMUCT.

AMUCT Office Bearers have decided to hold the conference on 30th November and 1st & 2nd December 2013. The venue of the Conference is Loyola Hall, St.Aloysius PU College, which is in the heart of the city.

The Manging Council meeting of AMUCT will be held on 27th July 13 and after which the other details will be announced. The updated information will be made available on the website of AMUCT on a daily basis


St Aloysius College (Autonomous),

P.B No 720, Mangalore-575003