Facilitating Trade in Higher Education - Dr.Vijender Sharma

Facilitating Trade in Higher Education

By Dr.Vijender Sharma


This booklet is revised version of the paper published in the special issue on education of

Social Scientist, Vol. 38, No. 9-12, Sept–Dec. 2010.



1. Privatisation of Higher Education by NDA Regime

Ambani-Birla Report

Directions of the World Bank

The Model Act for All Universites

2. The UPA Agenda: ‘Reform’ or ‘Deform’

Initiative under GATS

Alternative Framework: 100-Day Agenda

3. Crisis of Higher Education in USA and UK

Education Budget Cuts in USA

Protest Actions in USA

Education Budget Cuts in UK

Protest Actions in UK

4. Background of UPA-2 Agenda and Negotiations


5. Spate of New Bills

On the Foreign Educational Institutions Bill, 2010

On the Prohibition of Unfair Practices in Technical Educational Institutions, Medical Educational Institutional Institutions and Universities Bill, 2010

On the Educational Tribunal Bill, 2010

On the National Accreditation Regulatory Authority For Higher Educational Institutions Bill, 2010

On the Draft Higher Education and Research Bill, 2010

On the Universities for Innovation Bill, 2010

6. In Conclusion



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