AIFUCTO calls for massive Demonstration and Court arrest programme on 13 March 2015 at Jantar Mantar, Delhi - Ensure participation in large number to achieve the demands

The AIFUCTO in its Academic conference held at Chandigarh  from 14th to 16th November 2014 deliberated at length on the theme of Quality in higher education issues and challenges and the present education scenario in India, and expressed deepest concern over the anti-people, anti-labour, anti-employee policies of the government of India leading to utter chaos. Further, it took strong exception to the attitude of the MHRD minister and officials in not giving audience, even after months of assumption of office, to present the views and suggestions of the teacher organisations for the growth of healthy higher education. The AIFUCTO condemned the keenness of the government in pushing its hidden agenda to polarise the minds of the youth who pursue higher education with noble vision for their bright future. While the AIFUCTO has been consistently demanding massification of excellence, the government prefers to create islands of excellence to suit their agenda. The AIFUCTO observes keenly and carefully the move of the newly elected government at the centre and it has not expected much change in the policies of the new government from the ousted government in the recent election. Against this backdrop, the AIFUCTO has decided to launch a nationwide campaign and protracted struggle to achieve the following demands. 


  • Immediate MHRD approval of UGC decisions on 3rd Amendments of UGC Regulations-2010 and Ph.D Regulations
  • HRM appointment to AIFUCTO to discuss the long standing professional demands
  • Allocate 6 percent GDP to Education in the Budget 2015-16
  • Immediately constitute 7th Pay Review Committee
  • Strengthen Public Funded Education
  • Regulate Private Sector Institutions
  • Ensure regular pension scheme and reject Pension Scheme-2004
  • Consult the Teachers’ organisations on Education Policies Including RUSA

A massive demonstration and court arrest program is organized in Delhi during Budget Session on 13th March, 2015 at Jantar Mantar, Delhi at 11 A.M.  In order to achieve the demands, the AIFUCTO requests all affiliates to start preparations immediately and ensure maximum participation in the demonstration.